Services Model


Our services can broadly be split into two categories. We can help you deliver a set of baseline Enterprise Artefacts for your organisation. We refer to this as Enterprise Architecture the noun.  We can also or alternatively help you establish your Enterprise Architecture processes. We refer to this as Enterprise Architecture the verb.

Enterprise Architecture the noun

A key tenet of our philosophy is that the primary Artefact for any Enterprise Architecture Initiative is a Business Capability Model. Consequently all engagements with Fragile to Agile to assist in Architecture the noun begin with developing this model for your organsiation, or tailoring  your existing model should you have one. From there all options are open and we will tailor our engagement to meet your specific needs.

Common engagements include:

  • Establishing a set of principles, “Building codes” across various domains of Design
  • Faciltating Operating Model decision and architectural consequence determination
  • Current State Solution Architecture
  • Developing a Target State Solution Architecture
  • Developing a Transformation Roadmap from current state to target state, critcally ensuring business value is delivered at every step on the journey
  • BPM/SOA adoption planning and preparation
  • Merger Planning – Information Technology aspects

Enterprise Architecture the verb

Our approach to Enterprise Architecture the verb is made up of four parts: Strategic Planning Framework; Investment and Prioritisation Framework; Change Delivery Framework and Architectural Governance Framework. Each of these has been designed to be “plug and play” and your organisation can choose which parts it would like to adopt and where you would like to retain your own approach. This is true at the macro-level, e.g. you may want to adopt the Strategic Planning Framework only and retain your own approaches to the other areas. It is also true within each of the individual parts. For every domain and level of design within the Fragile to Agile Integrated Architecture Framework you can choose to adopt our approach or retain your own. So for example if you are already good at Conceptual Business Process Design you can retain that approach and adopt other aspects of our approach as desired. It  is not an “all or nothing” proposition.

Engagement Model

Our engagement model is that for new clients we always start with a short investigative engagement, 1-2 weeks, to enable us to better understand your organisation. There are two aspects to this investigation: understanding the complexity of your organisation; understanding  the breadth and depth of your existing Enterprise Architecture artefacts and processes. This enables us to tailor any engagement to address your specific needs, not to “boil the ocean” and to provide a “not to exceed” price for any engagement with confidence without guess work. This initial engagement also delivers a “Health Check” on your Enterprise Architecture, a Findings and Recommendations report.

The following diagram depicts at a high level our core services:

Enterprise Architecture the noun diagram

Finally, for clarity we cannot assist an organisation looking to implement TOGAF or Zachmann based Enterprise Architecture.

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