End-to-End Approach


We believe there are significant advantages to any organisation in adopting any individual component of the Fragile to Agile approach. In fact, cogniscent of the fact that organisations are already comfortable with their own approaches in many of the areas covered by the Fragile to Agile approach we specifically designed our approach to be modular and have clean hand-off points so that any given organisation can adopt as much, or as little, of our approach as they wish.

This was also very important to us as even if your organisation decided to adopt the entire Fragile to Agile approach it would naturally take significant time to implement that level of change. Equally naturally, organisations must see value as each part of our approach is adopted and have a viable and improved end to end change process at each point along the transition.

Bearing in mind the above it is also our belief that there are considerable additional benefits to be gained by adopting the entire end-to-end approach. As shown on the following diagram, our framework is used from strategy planning though to the actual SDLC for project delivery. Using our framework consistently though the entire process greatly simplifies “periphery” issues like Governance, Project Prioritisation and assessment of a project’s level of adherence to strategic intent.

Fragile To Agile Architecture driven End-to-End Change process

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