Who we are, who we aren’t


The following picture is an extract from the Fragile to Agile end to end approach to business transformation, specifically from our Strategic Planning Framework.

To use a much abused phrase we do “eat our own dog food” here at Fragile to Agile and so will describe our own organisational DNA, following our own Strategic Planning Framework.

How we will compete (our competitive advantage)

Product Differentiators:

  • Business Outcomes Driven – Not “tail wagging the dog”

We believe business drives IT and not the other way round.  While Information Technology can be a significant source of competitive advantage for an organisation and therefore should inform the business of technology threats and opportunities which can be the trigger for business change this is not the same as the Information Technology department driving the change agenda.  Whilst this is far rarer these days (since Y2K credibility loss) it is still seen at some organisations and some Information Technology Service Providers.

  • Principles Driven – embedded in  “builders contracts”

Following our Integrated Architecture Framework we develop principles for all domains of design that, critically, are linked back to the business outcomes they are supporting.  These can then be embedded in the contracts of external providers and/or become the legislation against which you govern.  Using the Town Planning analogy for Enterprise Architecture these principles can be considered the building codes for your organisation.

  • Operating Model Driven – Core concept for an agile business

We have taken the Operating Model concept, and embedded it in everything we do.

  • Business Capability Driven
  • Unique architecture framework
  • We have solved the two most important design issues for Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Where does the process to service layer boundary lie?  What is the right granularity for my services?

Service Differentiators:

  • Our People
  • Our Values
  • Tailored engagements, not “cookie cutter” – made possible by our engagement model
  • Big company quality, small company personal service
  • Architecture is all we do. We will never do build work and we will never be a product vendor.
  • We are product agnostic
  • We are service provider agnostic

Value Proposition

At a macro level our value proposition is to help transform our client organisations from fragile to agile with all the significant advantages that brings.  In more traditional ROI terms this is one of the hardest questions to answer. It is important to recognise at the outset that endeavours such as Enterprise Architecture (town planning) represent activity at the very start of the value chain and measurement of the value contribution is typically subjective.  As shown in the following value chain model, it is much easier to demonstrate value provided to adjacent activities than it is between extremes in the chain.

The table below illustrates examples of how the activities performed by Fragile to Agile provide value to our clients capabilities and then downstream to business outcomes noting that the relationships are, in fact, many-to-many.

Operating Model

Our own operating model is unification as we only have a single Business Unit, however we offer Enterprise Architecture services to suit any operating model for our clients.


  • A hard day’s work for a good days pay
  • We always put ourselves in our clients shoes
  • Under promise, over deliver
  • Perception is almost as important as reality
  • We NEVER manipulate bids just to win the work
  • No design on the fly

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